A quick update

I have started writing for Health-Union.com. I will be posting both on PlaquePsoriasis.com and Psoriatic-Arthritis.com. Ive written 2 articles so far and you can find them here https://psoriatic-arthritis.com/author/aWildandFlakyGuy/ I plan to update my blog and when i write for the other sites, ill be linking to them so you wont miss anything, plus i want to update my blog to show where i can be found what im doing etc. Unfortunately i had to move in August and just after finding out the company i started here 10 years ago , and it will be going out of business. Its extremely depressing watching your friends (actually these people are more like family) leaving constantly for the last 6 months.

4 thoughts on “A quick update

      1. I’ve wondered how to connect my blog with those articles. I decided to put a pinned post at the top of my blog with all of the links showing where my writing is published elsewhere. I’m not sure if that is working very well. If you find something that works well, let me know!


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