Month: November 2015

3 years ago.

wow. 3 years ago was my grandsons 1st thanksgiving. heres some pictures. 🙂

Happy Movember all!

Happy Movember

Its been rough, REAL rough.  First the pains, then the physical therapy, im finally feeling better then on monday, WHAM-OH! Im walking thru HR and all of a sudden i feel faint, im gonna pass out whoa! I drop to my knees as im told to sit in a chair. OMG, headspins…. After a minute or so it subsided.

I happened to mention this even at PT and they sent me home! You see my blood pressure was up to 15x/10x (not sure exactly. The next day i got the same feeling at about the same time and i checked it then and there. 159/101. Yep called the doc. Added more dosage on one pill and added another. I am now on 3 different blood pressure meds to keep me at a decent pressure. damn. Guess i will rest up a bit this week and pay more attention to the foods i eat. Was it too much salt? It WAS too much chocolate the second day (im sure) as there were bite size milky ways there and i think i had about 5. I went back and thought about it afterwards, and yep. Maybe that was my fault. So that was monday and tuesday. Wednesday i saw the doctor changed my scripts and now its sunday, im ready to start a fresh new week.

Oh yea, its Movember 1st. I went from scruffy to clean shaven (i hate this) but i posted a picture for y’all to enjoy. 🙂 Cant wait for it to grow back, im getting cold already, LOL.

By the way, my back pains have lessened a bit, except when doing dishes, i can still only stand up for 10-15 minutes before i must take a break. Sucks, but thats all i can do.