Month: February 2017


definitely felling better kids! leg still going numb when standing but the pain is numbed somewhat. tomorrow should be a test, ill let you know then!

Happy Tuesday all!

on top of having Psoriatic/Osteo Arthritis in my back im lucky enough to have two herniated disks. l3-l4 and l4-l5, not sure how i did it but i was told its fairly common.

unfortunately i cant do my dishes. after 10 minutes i have to sit down. so wash for 10 sit for 20 wash for 10. yes this sucks. my Rheumy sent me to see a pain doc who sent me for an MRI and guess what? He said we should get an epidural. at first i was like uh… NO! i remembered my ex on October 28th 1985 in labor getting an epidural they (doctors/nurses) told me we had to hold her down, if she moves while they jab her she could become paralyzed. the scared the shit outta me. i was 19 she was 22 need i say more? fast forward to 2016. the doctors reassured me its totally different in this situation, so i finally broke down and went for it. My procedure was yesterday at 1230. i went in they gave me something in the IV that made me feel like duh…. then into the operating room and i took a small nap. i woke up looked around the anesthesiologist said hey how are you? i said good how r u? I smiled, looked around felt some pressure in the back. 2 minutes later they were done. well since i didnt have coffee in the morning i got a cup there and one to go. i arrived a the hospital at 1230 i was home at 230. had another cup of coffee at home and ate finally. i made sure i didnt go to sleep as i was supposed to goto work today. well that didnt matter i laid there until after 3am. i wasnt allowed to have any liquor and i wasnt sure about pills so ….. anyway.. i woke at 530 as usual but there was no way i could make it, i had to call out. well so far so good no pain today. right now im dropping a couple scotchs to help me make it through the night.


January flew by for me! Between looking for finding a place to live, and moving, getting in here and stuff, it breezed by. I found a nice studio apartment (in-law setup) i got the garage and a deck, there is a decent size yard, no fences and the deer come walking thru all the time. The last couple days we had some snow (not much though) and i got to watch the squirrels running around playing in the yard. When i was at my last place we had 3 big dogs that made sure there were no squirrels around, LOL, what a difference. NO animals here (pets that is) so no getting woken up at 2am because someone came home and the dogs have to alert the world. i swear its soooo quiet at night i could probably hear a squirrel fart!

all for now the keyclicks are starting to sound like thunder, LOL!  Love you all!