My newest trigger….

Well it happened again yesterday… Ive seen the issue and i know what happens but i dont know it until its too late.

Let me explain. Yesterday i woke up and i was fine. Everything went well and before i realized it was 1pm. Ooops need to eat. I decided rather than cook id run down and grab some fast food. A small burger and fries. I do this once and awhile no issues. I come home eat and wow i need a nap. I wake up feeling like crap. I take a fioricet, and have a coffee. Nope, it gets worse, worse, nurtec time. The nurtec relieve some of the pain but the nausea is still there, and it gets real bad. I see the problem….

The problem is that i see it after the fact instead of before so i could prevent it. Ive seen it happen a number of times i think starting last year is when i identified it.

IT is HEAT. Yes. Its 72 outside and the house slowly warms to to about 10 degrees above what it is outside. Ive told myself on numerous occasions that i will watch the temperature and when it gets to 74 i will close the windows and turn on the a/c. Problem is i never remember to do this until its too late. The signs? First i start feeling sleepy or fatigued. Being chronically ill fatigue is part of life i must push through, so i dont pay attention to this. Next i feel ‘off’ just a little out of it, then im really tired and i nap. When i wake up an hour later its too late its over 80 in the house my head is pounding and i feel like im going to toss my cookies. I also never realize the signs until its too late.

Right now im looking for a small weather station to put in the house with some type of temperature alarm. If you have one that you use id appreciate a note with the brand etc.

Oh… One more thing. I dont like a/c. I feel much better with the windows open, as i love fresh air. I hate the winter because of this.

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