Month: February 2016

its been awhile…..

why does it seem that i come here when i need to vent? i guess its just easier to open up when noone is judging you, telling you how to do it differently etc.just open up spill the beans and on your way. cool! yea.

so i finally got a new rheumy and he says he doesnt see PsA but just Osteo-Arthritis. BUT he says, i would not go stopping the Stelara i think you need to stay on the biologics. Umm yea, was the reply. Yes if i stopped my stelara or it quits on me, he will certainly see the PsA NOT Osteo, i know that, but for now lets see what hes got. He wants me to goto Physical Therapy twice a week. Yea cool i can do that. Next up is #SynVisc. He says both knees are bad even though i feel it more in the right knee. Insurance will cover so we will do 3 sessions and give both knees some fluid to play with, maybe walking up the stairs wont hurt so much. We shall see. i start PT next week and i get my first shot on the 29th.

Well despite the knees and back i feel ok. Blood pressure still is a little out of whack i lose my breath walking around. i wont even try to climb the stairs now. ill have to make an appointment for that too but its really getting too costly. they bumped up the cpay to 40$ for a specialist, PCP is still 20$ I guess they would rather you hang around and let the PCP keep guessing rather than goto a specialist.

anyway i turned 50 yesterday and im happy to have made the 1/2 century mark , would be awesome to make a full century, hopefully with a little less pain. talk soon.