Month: December 2016


Its saturday morning, i would have loved to sleep but at 6am i woke up. in pain. i had to goto the bathroom, normally this would be fine but i was in pain. my knee was killing me i couldnt move. i just posted to fakebook but if anyone here has an idea, or suggestion please comment i cant take it anymore! Heres the post so you will understand:

.. My right knee hurts when i sleep on my left side without a pillow between my legs. Hurts so much i cant move in the morning. I cant move my leg at ALL. Not using my muscles not by pulling on my leg with my hands. After my Synvisc injections last year (march/april) i was ok.lately i have been putting the pillow between my legs just in case because its almost winter. This morning i woke up on my right side and i cant move my leg. Does anyone else experience this? If so what do you do?


11/30/2016 – It’s the last day of HAWMC!

It’s the last day of HAWMC! Congratulations, you completed 30 days of writing! Take this last post to reflect on your health advocacy journey and set a goal for the next year. Perhaps you want to try a new platform for your activism, attend a patient summit, or start a podcast. Remember, “Set your goals high, and don’t stop till you get there.”

My journey got off to a slow start, is ramping up now, and will continue to get better as i learn more and goo more events etc. I see 2017 as an AWESOME year as i do know theres a few things in the works that i really cant comment on right now but i will be sharing them with you right here in my blog and on twitter. Stay tuned!