Month: July 2020

Asthma sucks

So i saw my PCP on friday. I haven’t been there in quite awhile, so i explained how this year it has been hard to breathe. Last year i carried boxes up the hill while moving in and i was fine. It was hot but i was ok. This year however i walk to the mailbox and i’m dying. I need my inhaler. I had tried Symbicort over the winter and it wasn’t helping. I did however have some advair so i’ve been using that in the mornings and its been, ok. Don’t get me wrong i walk to the mailbox and i still cant breathe but just sitting here it doesn’t feel like a weight on my chest like it had.

She decided to try me on Singulair. First dose on friday. Saturday i was lost. Dazed and confused. No energy and i had planned on doing about 100 things. Nope no can do. I lied there watching YouTube all day. Went outside sat in the yard, then back for more youtube. Was it really the Singulair? Or had ai taken too much medical marijuana because my back was bothering me?

Here it is sunday evening and i think i am feeling better. My chest is still a little heavy but the information with the medicine says it doesn’t work immediately so….. also, I didn’t need the weed today. We will see.

what a week its been

so.. the week started of just fine, then tuesday night i finish work prepare dinner but not cook it. have happy hour with my team, then i have 20 minutes before a meeting for my volunteer stuff. i cook and jump on the pc. turn off the camera so i may eat. food was awesome conversation great, i love these people for what we do. fighting for patients rights, changing insurance laws, you know, fun stuff. while on the call i get a twitter dm from someone who has been wanting to get started with the national psoriasis foundation for awhile. we chat for awhile, then im so tired i sit down and fall asleep. the time? 7.55pm. at 2.30am i awake, goto the bathroom and lie back down, cant sleep. toss, turn etc.5am? hell i have to get up in 20 so yes ill make coffee. as im getting coffee i get my mornng round of meds and….. realize i forgot last nights. unfortunately i take 4 blood pressure pills a day. 2 morning and 2 at night. i take everything at 5….

ive done this a couple times in the past, rushing out of the house for a 6am appointment an hour away, ive never forgotten my evening meds. doesnt matter, im affected the same way, my head in the clouds, spinning no energy, cant think straight. i push my way through. then i lay there until after 11pm cant fall asleep. i thought all was well when i woke at 520….

i fall asleep thursday night at about 10, then im up at 2.12. bathroom, yes ok. i lay there, i lay there, my head starts pounding, yes now its headache time. fioricet and coffee time. That sort of held my headache at bay, it didn’t get worse, but it didnt get better either.

so friday morning i know this has to end, i placed an order at the dispensary and planed for a noon pickup. i was so tired i couldve fallen asleep but i made it there and back, and then dozed off for about 60-90 minutes. friday night i triple checked that i took my meds, then popped a capsule and took some tincture. went out like a light until 4am.

Now here it is sunday and im starting to feel more normal. Its been rough, how was your week?