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About you.

In the darkness I can see
In the light I am blind.
Need to look away so that I may see
For the beauty in your eyes is all I know
Thank you for letting me see that all I know is wrong.

Well kids!

In about 45 minutes I’ll be in San Francisco for the national psoriasis foundations volunteer conference. It’s been a beautiful ride so far and I’m so excited to be going! This is my second cross country trip the first being alaska, beauty place! Love to do it again someday this time with the woman of my dreams.

Anyway I cat wait to learn the many things they will have waiting for me. I have a ambassador meet followed by a social media class. I thought I knew social media as I’m on just about every website but guess what? Compared to those folks I know nothing! Crazy huh? They know how to get more views what to post and when to do it. Soon I will too!
Plus the conference is almost like a family reunion as a lot of us chat a lot online and feel as though we are family and get to see one another every 2 years at the conference!

Hey! Quick update!

Its been almost a month since i started taking Magnesium and B2 for my migraines. So far so good!  Only one headache this month so far!  Now i would like to get off the amitriptyline.

Also started leaving the Vitamin C on the counter at home and on my desk at work. Anytime i am looking to eat and theres something on my plate thats high in nickel, just pop the C and my hands stay fairly clear. Thank you Stelara!

Looking forward to the National Psoriasis Foundations Volunteer Conference this week in San Francisco!! W00t!

Ill be there Thursday to Sunday PLEASE! Say hi!!

Happy Sunday!

Wow what a lousy couple of weeks. I talked to my PCP and she wanted to try me on a medicine for my migraines. I started it at a low dose and was supposed to double it after a week if all was well. I was also put on a secondary medicine to lower my blood pressure. To begin with i had shortness of breath…. plus Vertigo…. i started noticing that people on the thruway were bothering me. Usually some dummy cuts you off i flip em off under the dash and i feel better. (theres no need to cut me off i move with the traffic leaving 1 car length in between) however i started noticing that i wanted to cut them back off and throw my coffee on their windshield. I was seriously looking for a way to get around them, serious road rage. I called the doc. She said stop that med. LOL. In the meantime i went and got my Stelara (ive been on it for 2 years now can you believe it?) so i reminded the doc i need a re-approval from the insurance company. My right hand is a little broken up and the left is very mild. i think this week i ate shrimp, kale and spinach. EVERYTHING someone with a nickel allergy shouldnt have. Nice…

So i have decided to , stop eating wraps (high in sodium) no more processed lunch meats, also high in sodium (hopefully this will help with the BP), and start taking vitamin c before dinner so i can enjoy a little nickel in my diet without the serious side effects. We shall see.

Thoughts? Ideas? Let me know!