Happy Sunday!

Wow what a lousy couple of weeks. I talked to my PCP and she wanted to try me on a medicine for my migraines. I started it at a low dose and was supposed to double it after a week if all was well. I was also put on a secondary medicine to lower my blood pressure. To begin with i had shortness of breath…. plus Vertigo…. i started noticing that people on the thruway were bothering me. Usually some dummy cuts you off i flip em off under the dash and i feel better. (theres no need to cut me off i move with the traffic leaving 1 car length in between) however i started noticing that i wanted to cut them back off and throw my coffee on their windshield. I was seriously looking for a way to get around them, serious road rage. I called the doc. She said stop that med. LOL. In the meantime i went and got my Stelara (ive been on it for 2 years now can you believe it?) so i reminded the doc i need a re-approval from the insurance company. My right hand is a little broken up and the left is very mild. i think this week i ate shrimp, kale and spinach. EVERYTHING someone with a nickel allergy shouldnt have. Nice…

So i have decided to , stop eating wraps (high in sodium) no more processed lunch meats, also high in sodium (hopefully this will help with the BP), and start taking vitamin c before dinner so i can enjoy a little nickel in my diet without the serious side effects. We shall see.

Thoughts? Ideas? Let me know!

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