Month: October 2016


I accepted a challenge from Wego health. So everyday for 1 month you will set a blog post. Today’s challenge is as follows:

Welcome to Day 1 of the November HAWMC! First, 
let’s get to know each other! What drives you to 
write about your health? What do you want other 
Health Activists to know about your condition and 
your activism? Reflect on this for 15-20 minutes 
without stopping…GO!

Hmm what drives me? Well…..
i was first diagnosed with Psoriasis in 2007, the doc said it ‘looks like’. i never really heard you have , so i used the medicine cleared up i was happy. it came back next winter. again i used the medicine, cleared up. it came back next wintr. i saw another doc. She said the other doc said Psoriasis and i agree. i was devastated, i went to work and googled, and clicked image search. OMG! One of the things i found during these searches was the National Psoriasis Foundation. And a mentor, named Todd Bello we spoke a bit and i had found out that there are a lot of answers online but for everything i read theres 2 snake oil salesmen. if i didnt have such great google skills i would be broke in a heartbeat. Over the next year i learned a LOT, then Todd told the foundation i would be a good mentor. I stepped up and accepted. After being a mentor for a couple years The foundation saw how much i was online here there and everwhere, and said i would be good with social media. I helped tweak a website for Novartis before it became public. I helped LeoPharma with apps and products before they became public. Janssen Pharma sent me to Chicago to meet other advocates to step up my game. In doing this i have met other volunteers and became close to them. they are my PsOfamily.
I have had MANY people thank me for advice or a post i made etc. I spread truth not snake oil. I couldnt imagine not posting at all. I want people to know what its like to be me, your mileage my vary. I am ALWAYS open to questions and comments and LOVE to help people. My physical health may keep me from remodeling the house, working on my car, and things like that but it cant stop me from talking and helping people. I cant imagine a day without advocacy of some sort, wether its a tweet, blogpost, repost on facebook etc.
So what drives me? I need to show people the truth. No snakeoil. Your afraid of biologics? Need help? Yes YOU drive me! The 3% of the worlds population, those of us now known as Psoriatics!


Saturday i went to NYC for LEO Pharmaceuticals NYSkin event. You can find out more HERE

I learned a lot of what LEO is doing behind the scenes to help out us PsOriatic people. As well as got to have makeup put on and get photographed by the (in my opinion) bigest photographer in the world, Rankin. I literally spent a minute or less in front of Rankin and he had already captured the best of me on film. He will be there only until sometime today and then his staff will continue to snap pics for the rest of the week. This is all a part of a project he started in 2009 called Rankin Live. You can read about it on the website. I can truly say i know what it feels like to be a celebrity now. 🙂

R0175 (1).jpg

Hands off!

So for about 2 years now every time I’m driving to or from the office and when I take a trip every 10 minutes I have to take my hands off the wheel and do it little hand exercises because my fingers hurt. Last weekend I was just sitting waiting for dinner to arrive and my fingers were killing me I had heard read about and seen compression gloves meant for arthritis it was it was at this time that I decided to order a pair. So after a quick Google search and watching a couple YouTube video reviews I chose to go with the iMak compression gloves he arrived Tuesday afternoon I put them on and they were like magic I’ve driven to and from the office with virtually no pain at all for the first time in about 2 years.

Sunday morning breakfast

Mmmmmm. Sunday morning. Nothing like the smell of breakfast cooking on Sunday morning.

A nice cozy place to eat said breakfast.

Simply amazing. On Monday through Friday I eat a normal breakfast ,a cup of yogurt with some fruit then, usually I skip Saturday, and on Sunday I have awesome breakfast. Such as the one showing above.