Eye opener!


Ive been dealing with some issues lately. I mentioned these weird issues to a friend and she knew what the problem was. https://www.verywellhealth.com/allodynia-definition-and-types-fibromyalgia-715929

I touch the back of my head it hurts like i got hit with a bat. I touch my wrist, stomach, toes, and it feels like i was burned. I cant wear my medic alert tag as it feels like its 10lbs hanging on my neck. I cant sit at my desk to work as my butt hurts. She sent me the link above and yes i can totally relate. So i goto my rheumatologist and said i want to be tested for fibro. He didnt do this. I went to my neuro and said Allodynia, and he referred my to another neuro. In the meantime i went to my PCP and told her and we decided to try me on cymbalta. At first it didnt seem to help much. Then on. the full dose, some of the pain is disappearing. Ok awesome. Something else has happened though. I am suddenly feeling much happier, and getting things done that ive been putting off for awhile. I feel so good! I thought about it and yes. I have been depressed lately. Not really bad but enough that ive been putting things off not doing things i should etc. I am really feeling good now!

Not sure if the rest of my issues will clear up but ive only been on this for about a month now. I am so totally looking forward to the next couple months! Now i jus need to setup that appointment with the other neuro, and my rheum has retired so i need to find another.

Onward and upward!!

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