Month: March 2019

Its amazing

Its truly incredible how many people are out there that have chronic illnesses. Any day of the week i may share somethng with someone and *BOOM* they are fighting the same battles. One day im in the office and its warm outside and i see someone wearing a heavy coat. Turns out she too has Reynauds and two minutes later she also has Psoriatic Arthritis! Another day im talking about a trip im going on and i share that i have Psoriasis, migraines etc etc and so does she! Its crazy that if i dont say anything i would never know. The next day someone sent an email and asked if they could talk to me. Something personal. Their daughter has Psoriasis. This person was asking questions and to me it sounded like their dermatologist was more of a cosmetic dermatologist. My dermatologist is on another level. His office does everything. Yes they will do that cosmetic stuff but they do clinical trials and are fully versed in the latest and greatest medicines. For me after being on a biologic for 1.5 years he refused to believe the medicine wasnt clearing me at 100% and thats how he found my nickel allergy. I love my doctor! So i referred them to my dermatologist. Im praying that this helps the young lady.

By the way you can read more about my nickel story here