I was talking to a friend on twitter, and she asked about doctors. She used to live in this area and it seemed like she couldn’t find good doctors. I told her i travel 1 hour to Verona, NJ for my dermatologist and it’s worth the trip knowing this guy is an ace. Dr Robert Nossa  is my dermatologist he has written many things in medical journals etc, and can be found at the above link. Why do i speak so highly of him? He thinks outside the box.

Let me explain.

Stepping back a few years (2012-ish) i had realized i had PsA (Psoriatic Arthritis) i had asked my then dermatologist for Stelara, she said it was too new they stick to ‘tried and true drugs’ i thought ok…. wrong answer. So i see an ad for a clinical trial, long story short i went a couple times and was turned down. Why? the first time because i was clear, i had been using the steroids just prior and was very clear. So i said you know if i stop ill be back in 2 months with a mess. The doc said i can’t tell you to do that, i said ok. About 2-3 months later i emailed a picture, i was asked to come in the next day. Well i was declined again, why? My Psoriasis is only on my hands. Yes im 1 in a million. This doesn’t make it any more or less horrible, i feel lucky that’s all thats affected (besides some inverse in the groin region). Anyway….. they needed it somewhere else for the study. I huffed as i said ok thank you anyway. The Doc said you know i can see you as a patient, “If you want” , i said id love that. 20 minutes later after signing in as a new patient i was there consulting with the doctor. In the initial consultation, he said he would like to try me on ither Stelara or Enbrel as those are the 2 drugs he has the best success with. About 2 weeks later i received a letter from the insurance company indicating i was approved for 2 years, i swear if i could do backflips i would’ve been doing them all over town.

Fast forward 1.5 years.  I went in for a normal visit, like i do every 90 days, and got my shot doc looked at my hands and the right hand almost never clears. He said “i don’t get it. Stelara works you should be 100% clear now. Hmmm there’s got to be ….”, he paused for .5 a second and said, “Have you ever had an allergy test?” i said well yea, about 100 years ago. “would you mind having one?, you may have an allergy, like nickel, and when you touch something its coming up as contact dermatitis on 1 hand” no, not at all. This was wednesday. The following monday i went back and guess what? im highly allergic to nickel. he said “Well i don’t see this as being this bad unless you… ate oatmeal everyday”, i said, Doc. i have high blood pressure, high cholesterol, the only way to keep it in check without medicines is to eat oatmeal every single day which is what ive been doing for about 3 years now. We all laughed, and i stopped the oatmeal, now im on more meds and my hand only acts up when i eat something high in nickel. Kale, spinach, etc.

You see? He doesnt give up he mentioned the nickel and the oatmeal before i said a word. Hes spot on.

So there you have it.

My Rheumatologist

I just asked my Rheumatologist if i should try one of the newer drugs, like Talz, or Cosentyx, but he said no, wait. The Stelara is working as long as it is don’t switch. If/when it stops we will investigate other drugs. Well he has a point. With my prior Rheumy i tried to get onto Otezla but the insurance denied it. I could’ve fought and got approval but decided to wait. My previous Rheumy had a stroke and i had to find a new doc.

New doc is young and on twitter. Cool huh?.


Well i think i’ll end this for now. There was something else i wanted to write about, when i remember i’ll come back and post it. For now if you have any questions/comments, i would LOVE to hear from you.

Have a beautiful day!



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