Another Neurologist visit

Yep saw the doc this afternoon, remember when i posted this last december? Neuro Visit

The letter said they saw NO aneurysm. Ok so the doc read the report to me, and explained a little bit that i didn’t know and i’ll share here. an MRA can only detect an Aneurysm that is 2-3 mm in size. So they saw it the first time. The only worry when it gets to about 7-8 mm.The second MRA didn’t see it as it may have shrunk. I thought i had nothing to worry about however, it’s still there. We assume that because my blood pressure was sky high the first time around, and more normal the second time around it’s ok. Its shrunk and we don’t see it. So i must make sure to keep watching the blood pressure and keep it in check.

Also he gave me a few warning signs. If i get a thunderclap headache, that is it comes on super strong in the beginning rather than coming on slowly, goto the hospital. Also if one pupil is huge and the other is small, goto the hospital. Both are signs of the aneurysm either growing or leaking.

The only way we can say its clear/gone is to have a CAT scan. This comes with issues, first if he does it and there IS an issue i have to goto a specialized hospital and have it done again and they will fix it then and there. They don’t want to do too many CAT scans as #1 it exposes the brain to a lot of radiation. #2 the chemical dyes they use can cause cancer with continued use.

Last but not least, he doesn’t think this will be an issue as long as i keep the blood pressure down, probably less than 1 % chance anything will come of it. I hope he’s right.

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