Month: July 2017

dog days….

so i figured i needed to take some time off of work and relax, maybe re-arrange the furniture or cabinets or something. i picked the WRONG week to do it. It was 92 today and to top it off the central air is broke. my landlord had a guy come out look and steal some parts and his money and ran. so now he has another guy looking. well at least its cool outside under the tree on the deck with a nice iced tea in my hands. Or cold brew coffee. Its weird i never liked cold coffee i always threw it out, but this stuff is amazing. I started drinking it in the morning instead of hot coffee for the summer. Nice thing is the carafe is nicely priced @ amazon here . Im thinking of buying another as i started drinking more coffee. LOL

Last night i slept with Alice……

I have been told, by my ex, that i have sleep apnea. Yes she witnessed me stop breathing. She even heard a noise downstairs, tried to wake me up. Nothing. She punched me in the arm, nothing i was in fact dead to the world. This scared her. Here it is a couple years later and my blood pressure is climbing, i had a stress test, all is well. So now i will have the apnea test once im getting treatment for that maybe the pressure will lower etc. So… i bring Alice home. Alice is for people who have been seen at night to stop breathing, its just so the doctor can see for himself and properly diagnose.

So i return the device in the morning and i will get to see the doctor for a followup with the results. However i got a call today. Bad news she says. Alice only recorded for 7.5 minutes, i will have to take the device home and try again, damn!

In other news the epidural i got in february , because of my 2 herniated discs, has worn off, big time. this week i have been in serious pain, i have had some times where its been quite painful to just stand up. I took some tramadol, but its not helping. I left a message for the doctor hopefully he will respond tomorrow or i need to bother another doctor. A friend pointed me to a pain center, i may see if i can get in this weekend. If not i am off next week starting tuesday, another opinion cant hurt.

what do you think?


somedays you have yo ask WTH?
today is one of them days, yesterday was beautiful all was well today went nicely then…come home from the office, make dinner, try to do dishes ok back is hurting leg feels like its in the freezer? ok this is a new pain, nicer than the burning rod feeling of days past. i decide to stop dishes sit on the deck and have a nice cold tonic water, HA! you thought i was gonna say scotch didnt ya?
so i sit, maybe 20 minutes back is killing me. ok, inside sit on couch, ok pain starts to subside go get a scotch! ha! there ! i cant twist the top it feels like someones squeezing my fingers with pliers, forget this ok tramadol time. i havent had that pain in my fingers for 3, maybe 4 years now? maybe time to switch the NSAIDS? on current nsaids for about 2+ years thoughts? opinions?