somedays you have yo ask WTH?
today is one of them days, yesterday was beautiful all was well today went nicely then…come home from the office, make dinner, try to do dishes ok back is hurting leg feels like its in the freezer? ok this is a new pain, nicer than the burning rod feeling of days past. i decide to stop dishes sit on the deck and have a nice cold tonic water, HA! you thought i was gonna say scotch didnt ya?
so i sit, maybe 20 minutes back is killing me. ok, inside sit on couch, ok pain starts to subside go get a scotch! ha! there ! i cant twist the top it feels like someones squeezing my fingers with pliers, forget this ok tramadol time. i havent had that pain in my fingers for 3, maybe 4 years now? maybe time to switch the NSAIDS? on current nsaids for about 2+ years thoughts? opinions?

2 thoughts on “WTH?

  1. Dupuytrens contracture is a condition in which thickened tissue in your hand forces one or more of your fingers to bend toward the palm. You can get it in one or
    ledderhose disease


  2. Actually i thought this was due to PsA however my Acupuncturist rubbed my forearm and fixed the issue. The muscles near my elbow were to blame.
    I do thank you for your thoughts though.


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