Happy summer!!

As the summer comes in i start to feel so much better, much less joint pain, ahhhh AHHHHH!! OOOOWWWW!!! Damn let me start again out with the cold pain in the joint season, and in with the if its too hot im gonna have massive muscle spasms season. What the hell did i sign a pact with the devil or something? This is crazy. I remember a friend of mine who had an issue in the summer, he has MS. If it was too warm he couldn’t transfer from his chair to his seat in the car. If the a/c was on and it was cool enough inside he was fine otherwise boom. Me? If i overheat i get massive spasms. Last night was in my chest just at the bottom of the rib-cage. I sat on the bed laid down, and within seconds i was screaming rolling around in pain. I guess my next doctors appointment ill ask to see an orthopedic. For the past few years we thought this was from the cholesterol meds, maybe it is maybe its not. Since it comes and goes we cant be too sure.

On a brighter note i do feel better in other areas and my medicine is keeping my skin clear and my rheumy sees 0 inflammation. Im eating better, working out more and meditating a little more. I bought myself a hammock for fathers day and plan on using it ALOT for the 4th of July weekend/holiday.


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