Last night i slept with Alice……

I have been told, by my ex, that i have sleep apnea. Yes she witnessed me stop breathing. She even heard a noise downstairs, tried to wake me up. Nothing. She punched me in the arm, nothing i was in fact dead to the world. This scared her. Here it is a couple years later and my blood pressure is climbing, i had a stress test, all is well. So now i will have the apnea test once im getting treatment for that maybe the pressure will lower etc. So… i bring Alice home. Alice is for people who have been seen at night to stop breathing, its just so the doctor can see for himself and properly diagnose.

So i return the device in the morning and i will get to see the doctor for a followup with the results. However i got a call today. Bad news she says. Alice only recorded for 7.5 minutes, i will have to take the device home and try again, damn!

In other news the epidural i got in february , because of my 2 herniated discs, has worn off, big time. this week i have been in serious pain, i have had some times where its been quite painful to just stand up. I took some tramadol, but its not helping. I left a message for the doctor hopefully he will respond tomorrow or i need to bother another doctor. A friend pointed me to a pain center, i may see if i can get in this weekend. If not i am off next week starting tuesday, another opinion cant hurt.

what do you think?

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