Its saturday morning, i would have loved to sleep but at 6am i woke up. in pain. i had to goto the bathroom, normally this would be fine but i was in pain. my knee was killing me i couldnt move. i just posted to fakebook but if anyone here has an idea, or suggestion please comment i cant take it anymore! Heres the post so you will understand:

.. My right knee hurts when i sleep on my left side without a pillow between my legs. Hurts so much i cant move in the morning. I cant move my leg at ALL. Not using my muscles not by pulling on my leg with my hands. After my Synvisc injections last year (march/april) i was ok.lately i have been putting the pillow between my legs just in case because its almost winter. This morning i woke up on my right side and i cant move my leg. Does anyone else experience this? If so what do you do?


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