January flew by for me! Between looking for finding a place to live, and moving, getting in here and stuff, it breezed by. I found a nice studio apartment (in-law setup) i got the garage and a deck, there is a decent size yard, no fences and the deer come walking thru all the time. The last couple days we had some snow (not much though) and i got to watch the squirrels running around playing in the yard. When i was at my last place we had 3 big dogs that made sure there were no squirrels around, LOL, what a difference. NO animals here (pets that is) so no getting woken up at 2am because someone came home and the dogs have to alert the world. i swear its soooo quiet at night i could probably hear a squirrel fart!

all for now the keyclicks are starting to sound like thunder, LOL!  Love you all!


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