well its been a while

when i started this blog i promised myself i would post more often than in the past. and i have pretty much. that was until December 30th 2016 rolled around. after 13 years of being together, and living together for what would’ve been 10 years on February 1st, Nancy decided she no longer wants me in her life. at first the stress and hurt shot my blood pressure thru the roof sending me into a 48 hour massive migraine. 80% of the pain was concentrated in my neck i could feel the blood flowing thru there, not good. as i lay there trying not to think my thoughts wandered. i realized i knew this was coming.

when i first moved in i loved to cook, i still do, but somethings different now, she refuses to cook saying its MY job. i believe in a 50/50 relationship not his/hers. i loved the days we cooked together, i still miss those days. now the last year or 2 she comes home from work in nasty moods. wheres the mail? how come dinners not ready? or if the meat is a little dry, or somethings a little under-seasoned she dwells on it. why? i don’t know.

all this and more has been slowly eating away at me, so her asking me to leave? in a way its a good thing. i can come home and i dont have to rush to make her dinner. i can season it how i want. if i feel like eating raw steak i may do so, if i want it burnt i can have that too. i can sit down, i can relax, if i dont feel like cooking, i can skip dinner too, nice.

so i found a nice little studio apartment with a deck, in a very quiet little town, not far from where i was.

its so quiet here i can hear myself think, i like that. so heres to more posts.

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