Physical Therapy

So its been a month now. Doing PT on Mondays and Thursdays. Haven’t really been doing any of the exercises during the week that i am supposed to though. Why? Well after Thursday (2 weeks in a row) i wound up sore as hell all day Friday and Saturday. i feel better on Sunday and relax a little do some stuff around the house then back to work and PT on Monday. I take Tuesday off the i walked 2 miles at work on Wednesday. Holy crap my legs hurt like hell. Am i really that out of it? I had been walking the same 2 miles for the past 1.5 years every Wednesday! Now my shins hurt, my claves hurt, i was totally out of breath too (its a steep hill) but nonetheless i have been doing this for awhile just not the last 2 months….. Damn.
Well i KNOW i have to get going on these exercises as they can help my back but its really sore and not just muscle sore i wonder if im hurting something. I will talk to one of the therapists tomorrow about this tomorrow i promise. 

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