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So here I am sitting on my flight to Chicago to goto the #healthevoices16 conference sponsored by #janssen . I’m going to learn how to make better posts to tweet news in a better and timely fashion. to post information that pertains to us chronically ill folks. I’m so excited I love these trips I love meeting people and this trip is different as there will be all type of patients here. People like me who spread the word of new meds, new treatments we spread love and hope. A few folks going are other reps from the national psoriasis foundation , we have become so close its like a family reunion when we go places, they are my PsO brothers and sisters, I am so blessed to know these folks, although getting psoriatic arthritis and psoriasis is a horrible thing these folks have made my becoming sick a blessing in disguise. Can’t wait to land and get a group hug going at the Chicago Renaissance hotel!!!


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