Here we go again. Yesterday at 4pm i suddenly got very tired. I had to lay down and poof! out cold for 2 hours. Woke up tired, instead of refreshed, no energy, sore, made ravioli for dinner. At 8 i was back in bed just watching videos @CaseyNeistat love his stuff. Just pass out about 9:45 and i wake up at 10:15 with my phone vibrating across my nightstand, Elizabeth needs a ride home, moms not answering her phone. Ok… I go out pick her up, come home, pop a Tramadol as i’m sore as hell, and pass out again. At 4:30 i wake up back is sore. OMG sore. lie there 5:00 rolls around i can almost move…. 5:30, i finally make it out of bed, grab my heating pad go downstairs and sit with the heating pad on my back for an hour while i sip my coffee and read my email.

now i have to eat, decide on some peppers n eggs, with some nice green tea. afterwards it’s another tramadol to the rescue. Something tells me this is going to be a loooong winter…

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