So lets go Wego post 2!

Every great writer has their own process! What’s the blogging process look like for you? Do you set aside time each week to write or do you wait until the inspiration hits? Do you finish a post in one night or use the week to perfect it? Do you edit your blogs or just hit publish? Whatever it is you do, it’s unique to you and we want to learn about it.

Ok so most of my posts are spontaneous. I get inspired and BOOM! I have to write about it, thats the way its been so far. However i do want to start planning my posts and posting about different thing going on like Health Fairs, National Psoriasis Foundation events like walks etc. YOU, my readers, should let me know what you want to read.

Yes i blurt it all out and publish, sometime i dont even proof read it. Unless im using voice type, cause ive seen some pretty bad stuff there! LOL

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