11-8-2016 -Little engine post

Day 8!

Little Engine Post. Write a list post with 10-15 lines that start each with “I think I can…” Write 5 lines at the end that start with “I know I can.” They can be big goals or something that’s been on your to-do list for the last few weeks- it’s all up to you.

I think i can – complete this months blogpost challenge!

i think i can rearrange my desk

i think i can rebuild my leaf blower

i think i can get thru the next 2 weeks while my girlfriend is in Israel.

i think i can – digitize most of this paper on my desk

i think i can – organize my email inbox

i think i can – clean out the above

i know i can post more on my blog

i know i can organize my thoughts a little more

i know i can keep spreading sunshine on your cloudy day

i know i can finish the leaves in the yard

i know i can  complete this challenge!




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