11/22/2016 tip tuesday!

Tip Tuesday! Have you mastered the hashtag? Figured out the Instagram algorithm? Or maybe you have a few tips to increase your blog followers. Whatever it is, share your expertise with your fellow HA’s- it’ll only make our community stronger!

master the hashtag? umm #NO i do know that you must keep it short and to the point.


#PsOfamily is my PsOriatic brothers and sisters, thats a good one keep it short. What else would you like to know? On twitter, follow people with meaning people that you WANT information from, tweet 2x/day dont flood twitter with useless crap, noone wants to weed thru it. i follow people and check their posts. if they start retweeting fake news stories etc, i dump them. i dont have time for that. post REAL stories, real news from reliable sources, it takes time but people will eventually follow you. i follow someone who has MANY followers and she posts GREAT content. i retweeted a few things of hers she retweeted a few things of mine and WHAM! overnight i picked up 20+ followers. they liked my content too! thats all it takes.

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