11/24/2016 3images

Choose 3 images that represent your health focus. Share the images in a post and explain why you chose each of them.

Growing up i never liked working on cars or things that made me dirty. I MUST be clean. It was probably some sort of OCD as to this day i wash my hands even after taking out the garbage. Yes the handle on the bag isnt dirty and im reminded of that but i must wash. I was told by many a girlfriend how soft my hands were. Now theyre cracked, splitting and crooked, thanks to Psoriasis, and Psoriatic Arthritis.

Next is a pic of myself and Todd Bello, another advocate for the National Psoriasis Foundation. When i signed up , Todd became my mentor, and through talking to him he thought i would make a good mentor. Now, we do alot of advocating together.

Next pic is myself and Dr Nossa. Here is is giving me my quarterly shot of Stelara. Since my Psoriasis is on my hands and light therapy was ineffective, the only other option is creams, i cant use a keyboard or carry computers around with slimy sticky creams all over. Plus over time steroids destroy the skin. As soon as i realized i also had Psoriatic Arthritis i made sure to get on Stelara. I believe thats why i can still walk today. Psoriatic Arthritis is VERY aggressive, destroys joints, and bones etc.I have met people that in a period of only 5 years they couldnt get around without a cane, lost jobs etc. Thats why i find it so important to treat it aggressively, and a huge reason why i advocate. If it wasnt for me speaking about it, would you know about Psoriasis or Psoriatic Arthritis at all?

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