Month: November 2016

Wow!! Thank you!!

I just dropped my daughter off at IHOP so she could have breakfast with her friends and then ran down the road to Dunkin Donuts to get myself a coffee and a sandwich. in the drive thru the girl in front of me dropped a dollar , and she obviously could not get out of the car due to the barriers around the drive-thru so I jumped out and handed the dollar back to her when I pulled up the cashier told me the lady was very thankful that I had done such a good deed and she had paid for my coffee and sandwich God bless you and thank you again.


What’s a health cliché that really bugs you? What are you tired of people asking you or saying to you again and again? Write it down. Then reclaim it! Take it back and turn it around so you make it something you could be comfortable hearing.

i used to hear this all the time growing up. oh lord did i hate it.

“Cracking your knuckles causes arthritis.”

Nope, it’s not all it’s cracked up to be. The “popping” sound is created by the bursting of a gas bubble trapped beneath the lubricating capsule of fluid covering the knuckle. Researchers at the Johns Hopkins Arthritis Center say there is no evidence to support that cracking knuckles causes any joint damage such as arthritis. There have been reports of injury to the ligaments around the joint or dislocation of tendons, which attach muscle to bone, according to the center. But the injuries were treatable, with no permanent damage. Researchers also cited a study that found many years of habitual knuckle cracking may cause reduced grip strength compared to non-knuckle crackers.

If it’s not knuckle cracking, what causes arthritis? There are two major categories of arthritis: Rheumatoid, or inflammatory, and degenerative, known as osteoarthritis. While the jury is still out on the exact causes, researchers believe there is likely a genetic predisposition for both types.

Degenerative arthritis, the “wear-and-tear” variety, is linked to aging and excessive mechanical stress, which may accelerate joint damage. For example, genetically predisposed older obese individuals may be more prone to arthritis in the knees.

11/17/2016 throwback thursday

Throwback Thursday! Grab a post from your archives and repost it! Add a few sentences at the beginning to frame it. Why you chose it. Why you liked it. And why it should be shared again.

i loved this post because Healthevoices16 was a highpoint of the year. So many advocates in 1 room was the most powerful feeling. i have felt this before at National Psoriasis Foundation Volunteer Conferences but with only 90+advocates the power and love in the room was stronger than i have ever felt. It was amazing.



11/16/2016 wisdom wednesday

Wisdom Wednesday: What advice do you have for health activists just starting out? Share your words of wisdom for all the health activist rookies out there!


follow me follow my friends. done? good. setup google alerts HERE! set them up for the disease you are advocating for. follow the Organization you are advocating for such as for Psoriasis or for arthritis etc. Repost things that are interesting or breaking news type articles. Mostly though be yourself! If you have a disease and you are advocating for it think to yourself, “What would i want to tell me?”


11-15-2016 Shout outs!

Time to spread the love. Shout out all your favorite HA’s! Make sure to share a few sentences explaining just how grateful you are for them.

Todd Bello, Lori-Ann Holbrook, Summer Scirocco, Alisha Bridges, Jaime-Lyn Moy, Brittany Ineson,  Howard Chang, and Julie Cerrone.

Over the last few years we have become a pretty close PsO Family, i love what you are all doing. I love when we all get together we do so much! Keep up the awesome work, i love you all!


11-14-2016 Case of the Mondays….

Case of the Mondays. Write about something that gets you down, burns you out, or makes you sad. Purge it in a blog post. Turn it around at the end and tell Tuesday why you’re ready for it.

Something that , hmmm.. Its when people say, “Oh yea, i gotta little arthritis….”

“I know how you feel….”, “Its not that bad…”

Ummm, NO, you certainly dont. I have Osteo AND PsOriatic Arthritis in my joints PLUS 2 herniated disks in my back. You have NO CLUE how much i struggle just to make it throgh the day without falling on my face, without crumbling up in the corner and giving up on all.

Now that, that, is out of my system, come on Tuesday!


11-13-2016 What’s the best thing that happened to you this week?

What’s the best thing that happened to you this week? Maybe you got great news or maybe ice cream was on sale- write about it and relive it!

I got to take a trip to Philly, stay at the Residence by Marriot in Old City. At the welcome desk i was given a bookbag that was customized by the team at TonicLC. Inside was an itinerary for saturday, a new notebook and pen, along with a nice fresh pretzel and some mustard that was purchased earlier that day.

So… i went upstairs to my room and relaxed a bit, ordered dinner, and sat down for some TV. Next thing i knew i heard chanting going on. I look outside and there were some Trump protesters marching down the street. Interesting…..

Saturday morning met with many hugs in the lobby of the hotel, then on to breakfast and meeting. I absolutely love being part of these meetings, we talk about advocacy, why we do what we do and how we can do better. We eat, share stories, there are happy moments, and sad moments, and its an awesome time.

I just want to say thank you Janssen Biotech and Tonic Life Communications for another awesome weekend. I wish i could have stayed another night to fully enjoy the beautiful old city Philadelphia.


Janssen Biotech Inc., paid for my travel expenses for the Summit. All thoughts and opinions expressed here are my own.



11-12-2016 Time to get real.Write a letter to the best or worst healthcare professional you’ve seen. Don’t hold back.

Dr Nossa,

Just want to say thank you for all you have done for me. Your persistence paid off. After putting me on Stelara for 1.5 years and seeing my hand not clear up, you realized there was more to it. You gave me an allergy test saying i ‘may’ have an allergy, like lets say nickel. You hit the nail on the head. Then you thought that was bad enough , unless i “ate oatmeal every day”, and i did. I no longer eat oatmeal, very little kale , spinach carrots unless i have vitamin c prior to eating. I am clear now.

Thank you you have changed my life for the better.

11-11-2016 Follow Friday

Friday follow! Create a must follow list for your community: •

Top 10 Tweeters •

the people i follow on twitter may or may not have Psoriatic diseases but they DO have chronic illnesses and therefore i find a LOT of information from these people. I also cheated a bit and included my PsObloggers list

Top 10 blogs •

some of the ‘must have blogs” that i follow



Top 10 Facebook pages

here are 4 that i actually read from time to time. i really dont do much with facebook anymore.



11-10-2016 Yahoo answers

Yahoo Answers Post – Pretend you are writing a question about your condition – it can be as silly or humorous as you want. Now answer it. (Remember: Your answer can be just as silly)

Question: I see you have Psoriasis, is it contagious? 

Answer: OMG yes!! Run!! Quick!!

Seriously though it’s not contagious at all. You may start scratching if you hang around me long enough though.