Happy Saturday all!

its February 11th already! so happy next week, Saturday is my 51st birthday, even better on Monday the 20th I’m going for my epidural , FINALLY! my back has absolutely been horrible lately, I don’t think having to move was such a good thing for my back, of well.

I cant believe how quiet my new place is, so quiet so I bought headphones to watch TV with , lol. sitting here at anytime of the day you can actually hear yourself think, so perfect. I still have a ton of stuff to sort through, some has been in the attic for the last 10 years. I cant throw it out there are pictures that I want to give to my kids. theres plenty that will goto recycle or trash but I need to see 1st. like the decoupage plate my old neighbor made for me. she passed away unexpectedly last year, I really miss her.

Some things I’m looking at hold special memories and are heartbreaking but everything that hurts you makes you stronger. I found my old grimace glass from when I was a kid. its kinda worn but that doesn’t bother me, it just takes me back to a much better time in my life and brings smiles to my face. 🙂


HA! You thought I was kidding? Grimace and the Johnny Walker Black that’s in there are keeping me smiling this weekend ill tell ya! LOL

What is it that makes you smile?


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