i just read a post on facebook about a woman who is very beautiful, and yet when she looks in the mirror she thinks my teeth should be whiter or or or.

this reminded me that when i was a pre-teen i tried to copy what my friend Tom was drawing. He drew dragons. I LOVED it. i tried to copy it, he looked and said thats really good, i said no, looks nothing like yours, and i tore it up. this happened many times. finally i gave up. in my teens my buddy was painting scenes from a Yes album onto jeans and jackets, i would look at the album, look at the jacket and say move this line to here, i was right. he said you draw? i said no. in my 20s (24-27) in that era, i was bored one day and i was copying Darkwing Duck. My wife , at the time, walked in said what are you doing? I said drawing DW Duck. She said “trying to draw?” this irked me. i was so mad it took 4 hours but i did it, all those years i thought i could not draw, when in fact it was me holding me back, i was too critical too perfect. What i learned was that If you step back for a moment you an look past the little things, the minor flaws, and see the real beauty within.

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