why me?!

this is probably the first question we have all asked. its the 1st thing that comes to mind when one is diagnosed with a chronic illness. and then another, and sometimes another. why?

This came up in part @ Healthevoices17 , in the form of Why do i advocate? In short i advocate because i was lucky enough to have a life changing illness. yep we all agree on that. but we didnt chose the illness it chose us. i guess being the chosen ones we are strong enough to not only fight the disease but get up everyday and advocate for it. without us many people simply wouldnt have the information they do now. they would be buying snake oils, and herbs, going on special diets, all while pouring thier earnings into a huge hole in the internet that gives way to these people.

i am proud for what i do and for the special family of advocates that i have become part of.

i maybe in pain today or tomorrow but i dont let that stop me from writing, doing videos, replying on twitter, or sharing my feelings in person.



disclaimer :  Janssen Global Services paid for my travel expenses for the conference. All thoughts and opinions expressed here are my own.

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