hope you all had a great holiday

after seeing my neurologist a 6 months  ago and him telling me that i had an aneurysm in my brain, 2mm ver small but if it grows to, say 7 or 8 mm then we need an operation. he told me how important it is to keep my blood pressure down etc. well in October my pressure spiked. I was in the office working (of all places HR) when i approached someone and dropped to my knees. She had me sit in her chair and asked if i needed an ambulance. I kinda brushed it off. 90 minutes later i went to physical therapy and when i mentioned it, the threw a BP Cuff on me. Guess what? 168/119 is no laughing matter. they sent me home. i am now on 3 different pills to bring it down, dont know why it was so high. Well now its been 6 months and its time to get my head checked again. This time, NO aneurysm. Holy crap, i am so lucky. I got this letter from my doctor the day after christmas so yes its a late guft but one that i am ever so thankful for. Bless all of you.


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