Just when all is going well, wham! Ingrown toenail set me back. Damn this little bugger really hurt i was limping around last weekend. Tried to get it but wound up at the doctors this morning and had it removed. Now im sitting here my big toe feeling a numbly pain (kinda like it was hit by a hammer) and its time for bed. Hmmm do i take another pain pill? Do i go up and hopefully the dogs don’t jump on it?

I guess ill save the pill for when my back hurts more from limping, and when my knee blows out again, and take my chances upstairs. Did i mention we have 3 pitbulls? between 60 and 70 pounds each? Yes Rosie sleeps downstairs in the crate as the girls dont get along. Mindy and Syrus were here first so they sleep in our bed. Mindy at our feet and Syrus right between us. Quite nice on a cold night you stick your toes up under Mindy and stick your back on Syrus and they generate enough heat to warm you like the best of heating pads. Only reason i haven’t purchased a mattress heater yet, LOL.

Heres some pictures so you see what im im taking about.


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