Mothers day weekend

So…… im sleeping soundly saturday morning when Nancy comes in all frantic and wakes me up. Its 3am saturday. Jim! JIM! Get up please hurry, I think the dogs killed something in the yard!

I get up go downstairs and yes theres a big white thing out there. i grab 2 plastic shopping bags and a flashlight. I stick my hand in one bag. Ewwww its a Possum. Suckers about 30 pounds. I pick him up by the tail. Cant fit him in the other bag hes just too big. So i walk back to the house and leave him on the patio. I get a big green garbage bag pick him back up by the tail and throw him in the bag, tie it up and throw him in the garbage can.Yuck!

Back to bed now… Zzzzzzzzzz.

Saturday we were out all day long, so Sunday the sun comes out and things start to warm up and dry, i must clean up the yard a little. (3large dogs = much poopie in a little time)

I go back to the garbage can lift the lid and throw the  OMG! Hes alive! I saw him move! I stumbled backwards somewhat. OMG… “Elizabeth! Its the big one one! Im coming to join ya baby”

I went in the house to sit for a few, came back out and laid the garbage can down popped the lid and stepped back. Mr Possum came out and ran into the yard again.

I so cant believe he was playing possum all the time i was carrying him by the tail. Holy crap!

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