So… I have been on naproxen since 2013. I think. And I have been trying to find an alternate. Tried relafen. It didn’t help. Tried celebrix. Nope Nada. Tried daypro. Ears ringing, heart racing at 99 when I’m normally about 76ish. Oops, now I’m trying clinoril? There’s got to be something I’m thinking. Doc wants me to try curcumin again. Says some patients take it and can stop the nsaids. Asked me to look on Amazon and read the reviews. Damn I got a great doc. Also sending me to a pain specialist he said last stop before surgery. I really don’t want back surgery I’m only 50. What do you think? Ideas comments? I friend told me of a medical device that goes on your ear and your pain free when using it. I will ask…

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