YOU are Beautiful

I work for ascena retail in IT and i sit at dressbarns office. thier motto is to help women ‘look and feel beautiful’

The other day i was helping an admin setup a laptop and video to be played in a conference room and later for a much larger audience. The video below was for the smaller audience. I saw the first 30 seconds and asked if she would share the link with me as it really hits home.

You are beautiful – How much women are criticized for their looks:

Presents what women are fed from the media

Have you seen my friend Fred’s video?

My Skin is on Fire

or my other friend Rena?

Please watch these videos, you will learn alot, both about the diseases i have, and about the community i am a huge part of. In Renas video her doctor has professional makeup put on so it appears as though he too has Psoriasis, he goes out in public like that and well… You’ll see what many of us deal with everyday.


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