Yep! So Happy Its Thursday!!

the week is almost over i got to get rid of some more cardboard (tomorrow is recycle pickup day) Ever since i moved ive been ordering things left and right since i had nothing. I had to buy couch, table chairs, TV, TV stand, computer desk ( i got a small mobile cart figured that was better than a huge desk with no room to put it…), lamps. So yes everything comes in boxes via amazon or ikea. The box from the couch is still here its too large to put out im sure it will sail away, LOL. Just waiting for a better night to toss that its against the wall you dont even know its there. The last piece is coming tomorrow its the tv stand. after that its just normal everyday living. i am hoping to finish straightening out this place before the end of the month, have everything unpacked etc. I am only working on it on Sundays so it is taking a little time, but i really dont want to rush either.

How was your week?


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