In my last post i was getting over an upper respiratory infection. Then on monday i started coughing. i saw that i had a refill of cough syrup so i filled it. monday night i started sneezing my head was stuffed again, the URI came back to haunt me. I opened the CVS app on my phone and filled the zpak as i had a refill there too, then called out sick. At about noon i finally dragged myself out of bed and to the drugstore and restarted the antibiotics. I received a call to get my CPAP (i was just diagnosed with severe sleep apnea, yay….) I am scheduled for 530 pm, cool. At about 400 i am sitting on the couch and i start to cough, real hard i saw stars, and an incredible pain in my stomach/chest just like where the last ribs are. From that point on every cough felt like i was being stabbed. The pain started getting better now its hurting again. And i started coughing again, here and there, seems that theres still some stuffiness even a week later.

On a brighter note, i was worried how i would be wearing a mask to bed. How would i sleep etc. Well i put the mask on closed my eyes and woke up 8.3 hours later, WOW! Every night since has been more like 7.5 hours and i am feeling good. Im not falling asleep during the day etc. The only day that was different was sunday morning. I woke at 4am, and realized something was wrong. It was harder to breath. Wait, what? Its dark… Damn, power failure. I got up and lit a candle, grabbed my phone and look, est time for power restoration is 11am. Luckily i have been cold brewing my coffee all summer so i went to the fridge and poured a glass. I started reading for awhile then got up and got breakfast and the lights came on. Sweet. Now i popped the mask back on and slept almost until noon.

update, i wrote the above about a week ago, im feeling better and things are looking brighter as well. thank you all for the love. love you all. 🙂

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