I just got off the phone with an old friend, well not really but if feels that way. You see 3 months ago i saw an ad my friend made for i then asked him about it. He said try it, it will change your life. Seriously?? i thought.. So i signed up, why not i sign up for everything. and i DO mean EVERYTHING.

The next thing i knew i received a welcome packet in the mail. then an email and a phone call. “Hi, I am your personal health adviser from pack health” Wow, i thought this is cool. A real person! Not like most of the health apps, but a real human. We discussed my many ailments plus an allergy or two and we made a plan. I logged all my food for the week and we talked about it. I’m doing well there, as i have had some training in the office. Next exercise. For the rest of the time it was like having someone with me to remind me and to push me, as i got txts all the time, “Hey Jim don’t forget to workout tonight!” Hey! remember to log food this week, or “Remember our goal for this week!”

Simply awesome, overall i have lost about 15 pounds, i have gained it back and lost it, unfortunately alot of this is water weight (im on 4 blood pressure pills at the moment) and i was super sick a few times, with an upper respiratory infection as i wrote in past blogs.

I must say for mere pennies a day this is an invaluable service that can get anyone on the right track.

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