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I made this decision in 2011, and i now have more conditions. Do i quit? NO! I push on and help more people with more issues as i learn them myself. I have to say Thank you for the awesome words Tiffany.

After reposting this on my facebook page i was thinking about it. My conditions….

Chronic Migraines

I can remember migraines as far back as i can remember. I think i was 3 or 4, mom gave me tylenol. At some point a doctor said ‘sinus headaches’ I saw another doc in my 20’s who said classic migraines. I looked it up. Yes. He was afraid to give me meds as i have some bad allergies. Told me to goto the hospital, and as a result i ate extra strength tylenol for years. Sometimes every 2 hours for weeks. This can seriously damage your liver, i had no idea. I have since got them in check.


I really dont know how long ive had it for but i can remember having a couple attacks in the 80’s/90’s and i had no idea what was happening, or what it was. I started jogging in my early 40’s and got winded. Told the doc and well it was obvious when i started hearing the symptoms….


Two major disasters happened in my life in 2005. By 2006 i broke out, tried everything. Saw a derm and was diagnosed in 2007.

Psoriatic Arthritis

Starting in 2009/10 i would wake up in pain. I blamed the dog as he always fell on my and pushed up against me when he was sleeping. If you have never experienced this a 70 lb pittie is like a rock. One day in 2012 i looked at my fingers to see if it was time to cut my nails. My fingers are crooked. I went to a Rheumy he said ah! ya have a little Osteo, relax. I walked out the door and found another Rheumy. I was right, Psoriatic Arthritis. The 1st doc had run blood tests, no xrays, nothing, quack….


Routine visit to see my Rheumy, its 90+F outside. Cooler than 70 inside (im pretty sure) He starts the exam and sees my toes. Do your toes always turn colors like that? Um yes? Raynauds. Thx.’

Nickel Allergy

I was on Stelara for about 1.5 years and my knuckles arent clearing on my right hand. Doc asks for an allergy test. I quit eating oatmeal every day and i clear up 100%

Brain Aneursym

Seeing my neurologist. I had an MRI, now he asks for an MRA. Guess whose not right in the head? Yea its a small one, we just have to keep an eye on it. When they first saw it my blood pressure was high due to no longer eating oatmeal everyday. Now its 4 BP pills a day. Thx. Also cholesterol went through the roof so onto statins.

Massive Muscle Spasms

Yes. onto statins and now massive spasms.

3 Herniated discs

Quite common with Psoriatic Arthritis, these are also great for muscle spasms as well as numbness/tingling, i haven’t felt my thigh in years.

Sleep Apnea

My ex girlfriend told me i had apnea. When we split i went for a test. Guess who has severe sleep apnea. Yes this train wreck right here…

Tactile Allodynia

Not diagnosed by a doctor yet but i see the symptoms. Its me 100% i need to move to a warm climate and join a blind nudist colony. Anybody sees this body they’re gonna faint or run.


Also not diagnosed yet but ill bet my last dollar, and it seems to be associated with…. Yes you guessed it Allodynia.

so even with this laundry list thus far (there maybe things i dont know or dont think about like high blood pressure high cholesterol etc) one thing holds true, and thats what was said for the 2020 HealthEVoices virtual conference, and that is Advocacy doesnt stop!

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