Another thought….

So after writing about Tactile Allodynia i was thinking about how i could never wear socks to bed….. Yep! In the past i had thought that my socks were too tight or whatever but no. Even those stupid things that you get in a hospital will bother me.

last week i was starting to write down the things that have happened so i have a list for the doctor. My fingertip felt like it was burned. I scratched my head and it hurt. It felt like someone had hit me with a bat. It was sooo sore.

Last night i was cooking dinner when i jumped backwards because i felt something running up my leg. No nothing there. Later i went to bed i couldnt fall asleep rolled over and the sheets ran over my big toe. I literally jumped 3 feet in the air. It felt like i just dragged something over burnt skin.

Fun fun. Every day its something new. I guess this keeps life interesting. You know like your blindfolded playing darts, something else will break but who the hell knows what and where.

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