Light Bright Migrainy Day

So i woke as normal at 530 this morning and i felt a little off. Pressure on my right temple, then im sneezing. Blow my nose like 50 times. Hmmm i left the air purifier off because i had the windows open the last 2 days, but had to turn the a/c on yesterday afternoon…. That could be it, yea yea thats it…

Coffee, more runny nose etc. Pressure is building, now its 7am. Aura sets in. Im looking around the room and yea i turn my head and i see trails. Wonderful. So i throw a couple eggs in a pan put on another cup of coffee and pop a fioricet. Just as im starting to feel nauseous i eat an egg sandwich, and start on that second cup of coffee.. I drink strong coffee. As dark as i can get it.

Now the pressure sets in, like someone pushing on my head, crushing it. Please medicine, please work for me.

Its been an hour, ive eaten and i can still taste the fioricet. Heads gettng worse. I grab a medicated honey lozenge (weed thank you etain these are awesome!), pop on my cpap mask and head back to bed.

Two hours later im back up. At first no pain. Hmmm maybe….. I move my head. ooops no its still there. damn. Get up, grab another cup of coffee. Munch on a couple cashews.

Damn! Its noon. Ok ill grab a piece of cheese as thats good for the nausea. Ok shower. Hmmm ill go outside and sit with the sun on my back for a few. Collect some D3…. Back inside. Back out…

Back in. buttered noodles for dinner i can’t do much more. More coffee more fioricet, and eventually more weed. Now its 10pm. The day is finally over and i pray this is gone tomorrow…

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