the shitshow thats 2020

So my lungs have been hurting all year. On and off mostly but i do notice that on bad asthma days those are the worst. Ive actually had such a hard time i grabbed my CPAP and had to lay down, usually wind up napping when i do this. So i made an appointment and the doc wants me to do another Pulmonary Function Test, yay. If you dont know you sit in a plexiglass box and blow into a straw. Take a hit of your Albuterol and do it again. I did this a couple years ago and i was ok. Doc says if it not my asthma maybe its my heart. Ok you got a point, i gained back those 30 pounds i lost in 2018….

So just prior to this i made an appointment and saw my Rheumatologist and told him i think i may have Fibromyalgia and here are some of the accompanying symptoms that i had written down for him. He mentioned that this year has been stressful and i wholeheartedly agreed. When i mentioned that i gained those 30 ponds he asked if i was interested in seeing a bariatric doctor. Even through the mask he could tell i was giving him a look like he had 18 eyes and 98 legs. He quikly responded with, “The last thing they want is surgery, they will send you to a nutritionist etc first” So… I agreed. Friday was the bariatric appointment as well as the “Covid pre-op” prior to the aforementioned PFT.

Since i had 2 appointments only a few hours apart i took the day off. Walk into bariatric doc and nurse says, ‘so you are here to discuss surgery’ No. He leaves. Doc walks in. “So we offer 3 different procedures for weight loss”. Um no. Long story short i and going back to visit his nurse practitioner for possible medicinal help. You see i believe its all the medicine that im on since i was 180lbs in 2003 then when i got got sick in 2007 ive ben gaining weight ever since. I stopped 6 of my pills in 2018 and dropped 30 lbs. So lets reassess my meds or add something to the mix that can help.

I go back a couple hours later for my covid pre-op. On the phone to check in they say, “wait is this for the procedure NEXT friday?” eh yea.. “Oh well thats too early it must be done within 5 days of the procedure” and so the migraine begins.

On tuesday i will go for the covid test followed by a blood test for 2 seperate doctors. in 2 weeks ill see the nurse practitioner next friday the PFT plus i have 3 appointments to get my Euflexxa shots done.

Ok i’ll stop ranting for now i tool my Fioricet and it didn’t help so now onto a little THC and its helping to ease the pain. Maybe a little more but thats gonna wanna make me nap. See y’all later.

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