I had a seriously bad year in 2020. Massive migraines muscle spasms asthma was killing me (or so i thought, more on this later) etc etc…

The year had started off on a depressing note, as the company i work for shut down one of its brands, then sold the beautiful building we built, we will now be renting a space within and its really sad. So we were rushing to move our stuff to our side of the building when america shutdown. I started working from home mid March and spent the first month or so in a constant migraine, mainly due to stress, and having to get through many issues with most of the staff never having to work from home in the past.

Then…. I started putting on weight. I had lost 30 pounds in 2018 and i gained back 35 sometime in the year, i started noticing that my asthma was getting worse. I cant breath when taking a very short walk (albeit uphill i was able to do this all of the previous year with no issues) I actually had days that i would take a 30 minute break and lie down with my CPAP on as my chest was killing me and it was soooo hard to breath.

When i saw my PCP october she told me i should have a colonoscopy as im 54 but theres a new test Cologuard. I took this and its simple poop in a bucket and mail it in. Nice! No prep no time in the hospital etc. love it. Saw my rheumatologist next. Knees are starting to bother me already so we ordered my Euflexxa. We talked and now hes added CPS and depression to my list. Ive had minor bouts of depression since i was much younger so its not something i talk about. CPS (Centralized Pain Syndrome) was new this year although i thought back a couple years and realized i must’ve had it alot longer, just its alot worse this year. We also talked about my weight gain, and i am off to see the gastro.

Cologuard test came back positive. For what? Who knows i have to do the colonoscopy to find out….. ok scheduled….. Talked to PCP again after reading up on the net, i bumped up my Co-Q10 and the swelling in my ankles went down. its been YEARS… Some of the sensitivity from the CPS has lessened and thats a plus.

Gastro sends me to his assistant who puts me on Saxenda on 11/30. I start to lose weight. Today, almost 2 months later im down 22 pounds.

Last night i saw a video that was posted in 2017 talking about the way the brain works and how some receptors stop talking to others and thats why we are in pain all the time. Makes total sense its blocking our natural opioids so of course thats why the Tramadol stopped working.

I noticed my windows are always wet during the winter and saw online that propane is a moist heat and when cooking you should always have a vent fan on, this was in VanLife and RV videos. I ordered a dehumidifier and saw that the house was at 87% humidity. In 2 days it was down to 50+ %. Guess who can breath now?

Things are starting to look better, ill posted my results from the colonoscopy when i receive them.

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